Stunning Decon Light Made from Discarded Fencing Materials

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Stunning Decon Light Made from Discarded Fencing Materials by

Constructed from discarded fencing materials, Kate Rusek's Decon Lamp is made of LDPE fence slats and waste bailing wire in a combination that reveals a new perspective of these mundane materials. Taking cues from the former companion chain-link fence, the lamp is constructed as a flexible grid. The piece highlights the value in materials that often seem forgettable and disposable. Combined with low-energy LED bulbs, the design engages the disengaged in discussing issues of waste, conservation, and resource use.

122 votes

6 Responses to “Stunning Decon Light Made from Discarded Fencing Materials”

  1. I am delighted to see this amazing use of materials, and design, and hope Kate continues to help re-shape our planet as well!!!

  2. oldfarrell says:


  3. cdcarr says:

    Really spectacular! I like the way it segments the light in each direction. And that fencing would never have seen a reuse!

  4. MJoan says:

    Best one by far

  5. tealbunbury says:

    This is a wonderful design. Thank you for showcasing it and congratulations Kate…

  6. jackie_d says:

    This really is a cool decon light. I don’t think I could hang it in my home, but it looks the kind of fixture you’d see at a hipster bar or a contemporary art show. In fact, I could totally see Dan Steinhilber doing an exhibit using fencing materials.