Double Overhead Fixture Illuminates Milwaukee Cafe

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Double Overhead Fixture Illuminates Milwaukee Cafe by

The Double Overhead lighting fixture, designed by Grit Tank (designers Blake Villwock, Adriana Arteaga, Ali Carlucci, Chad Bloedel, Therese Hassett, and Joseph Luehring) illuminates a café in Milwaukee with a gorgeous design and a medium of recycled materials.  A median between barista and patron, the lighting structure houses a traditional track system and responds to the physical and experiential dynamics of the service counter. Components lengthen to partition intimate café seating from noisy barista clamor and rise for transactions of coffee and conversation. Inspired by water kinetics, a mixture of recycled woods, salvaged tube steel, and reclaimed transparent materials cultivates a pattern of swells and compressions. These glowing capillaries constrict where a muted ambiance is desired and swell where a bright task light is preferred. These brilliant strands glisten and undulate not unlike the steam rising from the nearby espresso machine.

85 votes

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  2. laurenp83 says:

    I love the interplay illusion of shadow and light that is created by this design. Beautiful!

  3. Cliff Champion says:

    i love this one.

  4. Joey De Cat says:

    Simply beautiful…