Edward Chew’s Tetra Pak Origami Lamps

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Edward Chew’s Tetra Pak Origami Lamps by

These stunning lamps designed by Edward Chew are made from recycled Tetra Pak cartons which were cut into strips, folded into hundreds of pieces, and then assembled without the use of any adhesives. The designer was able to create a variety of different lamp styles using the same origami module, and says that individuals can use it to create their own lamps. This design is a fantastic example of  how a waste product can be re-purposed into a highly functional, and tasteful piece of furniture.

1208 votes

38 Responses to “Edward Chew’s Tetra Pak Origami Lamps”

  1. Mike Chino says:

    This is a stunning example of how everyday materials can be transformed into something extraordinary through precise craftmanship.

  2. Dan Mendes says:

    When I was in Europe I thought how nice that everyone uses Tetra Pak instead of plastic, but its even greater knowing that you can transform them into something as geometrical and functional as this light

  3. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of the Epcot ball in Disney World! I love it.

  4. Cliff Champion says:

    such a clever design. i love that the origami module can be adapted to several different shaped lamps.

  5. Rene G says:

    MARVELOUS above all! Great job, Ed! Thanks for sharing your creative and great idea… Most of all, for doing your bit to save our Mother Earth 🙂 Again, WELL DONE! *hugs*

  6. Ian Ng A S says:

    Ingenious use of the basic module for formal variety…and how elegantly it’s done. Kudos!

  7. Mark L says:

    Tetra Pak cartons are a plenty and have been in used as soft drink containers for many decades. This is the first time I have saw something so aesthetically appealing which come from left-over Tetra Pak cartons. Amazingly creative!

  8. lolawants says:

    A beautiful new and creative product from the stuff we take for granted. The time and workmanship involved alone got my vote…no glue or other type of attachments? Wow. Now that’s talent. And the shadow play on the wall is stunning. Love it!

  9. eliza77 says:

    The fact that all the modules are held together without any forms of adhesives wins my VOTE! Well done.

  10. Samedgar says:

    Edward. They look lovely. How do we get one? Thanks Sam

  11. laktica says:

    Got to love Geometric designs

  12. roz says:

    Interesting..From such a waste product to become an unique Pendant light and make used for everybody. Must VOTE!!!

  13. Wong Yang Tze says:

    Excellent creation, simple yet elegant. Good job

  14. sarah princess pink says:

    excellent idea and great for the earth x

  15. loubylou says:

    wow, these look fascinating! I love lighting, changes the atmosphere in the room, certainly a talking point for visitors!

  16. Antares says:

    Wonderful to see a creative genius emerge from our midst! Bravo, Edward! 🙂

  17. bylow33 says:


  18. Edward Chew says:

    Thank you guys for all the wonderful and positive feedback. Keep the votes coming. 🙂

    Samedgar says: “Edward. They look lovely. How do we get one?”

    Sam, it never crossed my mind to bring the idea into mass-production when I first started exploring the idea.

    I try not to let the ‘Dollars-and-Cents’ factor be the driving force in my design process. I believe that ideas are best if born out of passion.

    Nevertheless, if any commissions were to come along the way, I am willing to accept the offers.

    TetraBox Lamp is not just a lamp, it’s ART.

  19. ooi says:

    Wow, is great and fascinating.

  20. Simon Lee says:

    Great works! Hope to see more near future..

  21. tan kolamkl says:

    must vote!

  22. Jimmy Sen says:

    Well done,a brillant,creative & constructive ideas.What a way to saving “Gaia”

  23. wanrosnah says:

    Amazing….result! When you start thinking outside the box…you will produce simply fantastic…piece of work or creation.

  24. Uviglass says:

    Deserves to win the contest!

  25. artichoke says:

    Fantabulous work!!!

  26. edchew says:

    Thanks again for all your encouraging words.

    Being shortlisted as a finalist is already a recognition. Winning is a bonus. Most importantly is to get the GREEN message across.

    Hope you will never look at an empty Tetra Pak drink carton the same way again. 🙂

  27. michelletan says:


  28. kimi66 says:

    dear edward chew, may i know how did you connect them without using any adhesives? this is the most amazing part of that i think people would love to learn the step-by-step.

  29. macmarty15221 says:

    Edward: is there a name for the fundamental origami pattern you are using in these excellent lamps?

  30. macmarty15221 says:

    Edward: those are some fabulous lamps. Please tell me, is there a name for the underlying origami structure?

  31. Ken says:

    Cool! It would be great if you would add a step-by-step pictorial tutorial for making these – I can’t quite get the whole process from what I find here.

  32. mariastrauss says:

    Stunning aesthetically beautiful use of materials……great job!

  33. rosanna says:

    L’arte salverĂ  l’uomo dal disastro che l’uomo stesso sa organizzare……grazie per farci conoscere queste idee e per incoraggiarci con queste idee superbe!!! Buon lavoro, bravissimo.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Bom sem comentários, e e meus mais sinceros parabéns ao Ed.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I want to make a lamp as sush as this, where can I get the folding tutorial/plans?

    Best Regards

  36. yhart01 says:

    Your design is beautiful! If you were to produce a tutorial, I would be more than happy to purchase it! Please consider teaching us how to ‘green-up’ our little pieces of the planet, too. Thanks for listening.

  37. fayefoldwoman says:

    Really cool. Looks like it is related to Heinz Strobl’s Snapology Technique.

  38. nmtorres says:

    Its a great design