Lamp Packaging Doubles as Protection and Fixture

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Lamp Packaging Doubles as Protection and Fixture by

The Packaging Lamp designed by David Gardener, achieves zero waste with it's 2-in-1 design, where the packaging becomes the actual fixture. The structure of the lamp is constructed from paper pulp and houses all the electronic parts of the lamp for storage/transit. The bulb, plug, bulb holder and flex are all stored in the central balustrade. The user opens up the lamp, constructs the electronic components and rearranges them inside to form the working lamp -- all with no excess packaging to be thrown away. The form seamlessly changes from packaging to product. If this concept was used in other instances, imagine how much waste could be reduced!

97 votes

3 Responses to “Lamp Packaging Doubles as Protection and Fixture”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a compact and thought-provoking design!

  2. tomw says:

    Nice project – great concept.

  3. lynn k allen says:

    How does he overcome the heat/fire problem & get a UL tag?