Lume Lamp Constructed With Wood Shavings

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Lume Lamp Constructed With Wood Shavings by

Chaz Reetz-Laiolo began collecting wood shavings from his daughter's art projects several years ago with the intention of incorporating them into a future design. The lamp itself was not only inspired by the scrap material he had collected, but also from the creation of a window screen that transferred morning light through thin layers of wood. (This previous project made his "transition to lamps" quite simple.)

The designer now sources his wood scraps from local furniture makers to create the miniature "scrolls" that cover each "Lume" lamp. The lamp's housing is also made from larger pieces of reclaimed walnut or mahogany, and its glass structure is also made from re-used globes. There is a wide range of lamp sizes available, anywhere from 8"-48" in diameter, and the designer has managed to bring production cost down to $1.53: the cost of the three screws in each lamps' housing.

These beautiful pendant lamps give off a "calm honey hue" in any room, and are an excellent example of how elegant design can be synonymous with fiscal efficiency, and environmental awareness.

66 votes

2 Responses to “Lume Lamp Constructed With Wood Shavings”

  1. mr.bnspencer says:

    I have one of Chaz’s lamps – an early prototype for this project … Not only does it work as well as it did when I first (fell in love with and) purchased the lamp, it continues to be a centerpiece for decoration and conversation around our home … Functional and impressive …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the look of the lamps, Chaz!
    Have posted on my A.A. facebook…