Glowing Beehive-Shaped Nectar Hanging Light

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Glowing Beehive-Shaped Nectar Hanging Light by

Designed by Rebecca Asquith, the Nectar Lamp Shade draws upon the hexagonal shapes that are prolific throughout nature, with a focus on the shape of the honey beehive. A honeycomb cell is one of nature's most efficient designs – there is not one unnecessary surface. The cell is strong, structurally sound, and very light compared with the volume of delicious liquid that is stored within.

Made from lightweight felted polyester (92 percent recycled content that is UV stabilized), the Nectar lamp shade draws its inspiration from the beehive. The soft and simple form resonates with us tapping into the deep and ancient association we have with bees. During the day, it is a soft reminder of the beauty of nature and the amazing strength of the honeycomb structure. At night the Nectar comes alive with a warm and comforting inner glow that also highlights the structure and craftsmanship of the shade. All material off-cuts are returned to the manufacturer to be recycled into new material in the future.

143 votes

5 Responses to “Glowing Beehive-Shaped Nectar Hanging Light”

  1. Dan Mendes says:

    I really dig this natural structure

  2. twigmore says:

    Such a beautiful form and clever design – recycled and recyclable, flat pack, inspired by nature, soft and warm – fantastic design Rebecca.

  3. mpznz says:

    Wow – what an awesome design!!!

  4. linsontour says:

    beutiful design and materials !!!!

  5. Flaash says:

    Simply Beautiful