Slender Blossom Bulbs Playfully Showcase LED Lighting

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Slender Blossom Bulbs Playfully Showcase LED Lighting by

Pierre Ospina's Blossom Bulbs are a mirror image of Nature’s ways of diversification through growth. Slender shoots made from rubber tire linings are spread in various widths and heights, distributing LED light in a diverse, playful, and flexible display. More than objects creating an atmosphere, they are landscapes to marvel at. The designer plans to create water and soil proof models to be displayed in ponds and pools. The Blossom Bulbs are made out of rubber inner tube, cast iron, aluminum tube and LED Globes that accommodate LED technology.

422 votes

11 Responses to “Slender Blossom Bulbs Playfully Showcase LED Lighting”

  1. newnew says:

    these are awesome

  2. dan mendes says:

    Wow, these look stunning, they remind me of seeing bugs light up at night

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love these lights. I want a forest of LEDs in my living room.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow! What an interesting design. I would even use these in my house.

  5. Cliff Champion says:

    if i ever have the space, i’m totally making an LED wonderland. so epic.

  6. kjwike says:

    I saw these lamps a while back and LOVE them! What a wonderful idea and great execution! These would be beautiful in so many different applications. I am hoping that the aluminum tube is also a reused material since that is the bulk of the lamp. I love the texture that the rubber provides! Great job.

  7. Emily Naud says:

    Sooo beautiful!!

  8. neko says:

    Great job !!!

  9. june005 says:

    Led wonderland, flexible display, I like it !

  10. SILVAIN Francois says:

    Merveilleux c’est super encouragements et félicitations

  11. prenat says: