Pinha Lamp Introduces Personalized Approach to Lighting

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Pinha Lamp Introduces Personalized Approach to Lighting by

Shay Alkalay's Pinha proposes a playful approach to lighting through personalization. The hanging lamp consists of an outer fixture made from cork, to which a printed-paper shade can be fastened. Cute, function and flexible, if you ever tire of the Pinha's aesthetic, you can easily switch things up by applying a new paper shade of different colors, patterns or drawings to the lamp. The Pinha's cork base also boasts low thermal and electrical conductivity, ensuring that you'll never burn your hand when handling the lamp's shell.

88 votes

3 Responses to “Pinha Lamp Introduces Personalized Approach to Lighting”

  1. Mike Chino says:

    I love how this lamp makes it easy to switch up your interior decor – simply snap in a new shade made from practically any sheet of paper!

  2. Dan Mendes says:

    This is custom lighting at its best, why not trust your own design instinct and make lampshades that reflect the your mood, season, or whatever may inspire you at the time

  3. kjwike says:

    cork is a sustainable materials but I don’t get what the REUSED material is in this submission…?