Conical Task Lamp Made From Recycled Paper Pulp

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Conical Task Lamp Made From Recycled Paper Pulp by

Lightweight, cost effective and sourced primarily of post-consumer materials, the “Pulp” Task Lamp by Tom Mollnow was designed with a focus on a minimal carbon impact. Constructed of a single molded paper pulp part, similar to egg cartons, the lamp shade also serves as the fixture’s base. Manufacturing is simple and requires no undercuts that would need expensive slide features. It is matched mold with generous draft, which can be used to mold the entire piece of locally sourced post consumer (non-bleached) cardboard or newspaper.

The yield rate on the process is very high, particularly as defective parts can easily re-enter the front of the cycle. Unlike thin-wall egg cartons, the Pulp’s shade utilizes a thicker wall cross-section, resulting in a more sturdy part without the need for any substantial ribbing features. Due to the molding process' lack of extreme precision, each part of the tool may be slightly different, which also gives it an organically variable feel. The molding slurry can be easily modified to produce a family of unique and varied color options.

The electrical system is composed of a standard Edison base lamp socket, controlled by a capacitive rheostat switch. This configuration takes advantage of the dimming capability of many retrofit LED driven lamps, such as the Philips AmbientLED A19’s, and allows the user greater control of the light. The cast (or machined, based on volume) aluminum dial can be set to a specific intensity, and then a simple touch turns the lamp on and off. This part must be made of a conductive material to utilize the capacitive functionality, but lower cost versions could be produced that use standard, non capacitive rotary switches. This method could be used to complete a tiered product offering family.

At the end of Pulp’s life cycle, the paper lamp shade, aluminum control dial and copper wiring can be easily recycled using traditional channels.

113 votes

7 Responses to “Conical Task Lamp Made From Recycled Paper Pulp”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The circle of life on this lamp is stellar — when it’s finished its life cycle, all components can be re-recycled!

  2. manderson says:

    I like the design, it appears to produce a bright light restricted to a small area. If this could be made of a sturdier recycled product that could hold up to outdoor weather conditions, this could possibly be used for ground lighting in coastal areas to reduce the amount of artificial lighting reaching the beaches which can reduce the chances of sea turtle hatchling disorientations.

  3. TBO says:

    This is a great green product and innovative.

  4. Swapnil.G says:

    It looks great.Best of luck Tom.

  5. Bill10 says:

    Tom, you ol sonuva bitch you’ve done it again!

  6. PSK says:

    Sweet design Tom!

  7. Xenobio says:

    I voted for this because it’s nice and simple and if you look at the “About” page for this contest, actually 2 of the criteria are practicality and commercial viability. Some of the other projects are gorgeous but require hundreds of human-hours of labour, cutting up and joining pieces of plastic packaging.

    I could see this being sold in a partnership with IKEA.