Skull Chandelier Pays Homage to Animals

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Skull Chandelier Pays Homage to Animals by

Designer Aaron Brand comes from a family of hunters and trappers. His family uses or sells the pelts and meat of the animals, but the bones usually get discard. To minimize waste and pay homage to the animals, Brand collects the skulls to use in his designs. While the idea of sustainability through death may not seem that appealing, Brand seeks to use all parts of the creatures. The animal bones are boiled and bleached, then coated in a shiny liquid plastic. The finished design acknowledges and respects the creatures the pieces came from. The lights are a beautiful and fascinating design created from something that many find grotesque.

13 votes

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  1. KikoMomma says:

    It is important that hunters and trappers use all parts of the animal. Those that cut only the meat or skin and discard the rest disrespect the animals that once gave us life through their meat as food, hides as clothing and shelter, bones and teeth and tusks as tools, tendons and such as twine and string. The fat was rarely cut off the meat and if it was it was served to the highest ranking member of the tribe, it was cherished, as was all pieces of our animal brothers. This lamp gives me joy, hope and respect. Thank you for honoring these creatures and giving them new life.