Slender Podium Floor Lamp Designed Specially For LED Bulbs

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Slender Podium Floor Lamp Designed Specially For LED Bulbs by

Designed and built by sustainable designer Justin Klabin, the podium lamp was inspired by both Scandinavian and Craftsman styles. Its sleek and linear shape, square edge treatment, and simplicity make it a very modern lamp. The material used for the lamp is FSC certified Western Red Cedar, a sustainably harvested and renewable resource. Klabin chose the material for its warmth, texture, and because unlike recycled plastic or other synthetic materials, it is completely natural and timeless. Built as a floor lamp, it is the perfect reading lamp, providing a soft reflected light from the 24 degree pitch of the cedar cap, allowing excess light to spill out from the back. Illumination is provided by one Phillips Accent LED, with a brightness of 136 lumens, color temperature of 2700 K and 3 watt consumption. The lamp was specifically designed around this bulb, sitting in a 2-inch channel in the main body. The fact that LED bulbs do not get hot allow this close proximity to the cedar body. A push button switch is positioned on the back surface of the lamp, making operation very simple for the user.

67 votes

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  1. nancysemblance says:

    Beautiful design. I want one.

  2. susanoc123 says:

    Great lamp, great concept