The Forkalier is Created from Salvaged or Damaged Forks

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The Forkalier is Created from Salvaged or Damaged Forks by

Produced with the intention of utilizing “objects of everyday life,” the Forkalier lamp by Wendy W. Fok of we-designs is meant for functional yet playful articulation. Everyday objects are often put aside or used so frequently that they are overlooked. Therefore, the functional and utilitarian quality of the works become the larger more significant aspect of use-base knowledge, rather than the original design and elegant intentions of a piece. By using salvaged or damaged forks in the process of making the lamp, the sustainable future life of the object is revived into everyday use. The internal frame of the lamp is constructed through laser cut rings which are made from recycled MDF taken from demolished office interior projects within cities. The repeated elements of the everyday objects create a non-traditional approach to a neo-baroque design of everyday objects, which enriches our lives and light up our everyday needs.

244 votes

6 Responses to “The Forkalier is Created from Salvaged or Damaged Forks”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is forktastic!

  2. shyena says:


  3. alexvm says:

    Une fourchette de Damoclesse!

  4. shawnlouise says:

    So inspiring and creative, definitely a brite idea!
    I love it and want to see more…great job!
    shawn from NYC

  5. delphine juillet says:

    Original idea!

  6. Sze says:

    nice. Very creative