Turbine Pendant Lamp Made With 100% Recyclable Materials

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Turbine Pendant Lamp Made With 100% Recyclable Materials by

Designed by Eric Chow, the Turbine Pendant Lamp is a versatile, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing solution to decorating and diffusing the light from a low-energy LED bulb. The Turbine lampshades can be used as pendant lights, desk lamps, or as outdoor mood lighting, amongst other applications. Combined with a cork coaster, they can be used as a floating tea candle, or as an evening picnic lantern by installing a small LED lamp.

At a convenient size of 6 inches in diameter by six inches tall, the Turbine Pendant Lamp consists of 2 sheets of material wrapped around each other and held in place by 4 wooden rods. Made from 100 percent recyclable Yupo synthetic paper and bamboo rods, this design requires minimal energy to produce. The Turbine shade was designed to be easily producible using a simple steel-rule die cutting process. This lampshade can also be flat-packed for shipping, minimizing the impact of transportation.

The design of this shade is derived from the properties of the materials used, as well as from its structure. A seamless combination of form and function, this design is also scalable and can be applied to other semi-rigid sheet materials as well. Upcycled posters, Tyvek envelopes, and vellum drafts have all been successfully used with this design, creating a personalized version of the lamp to suit the individual user. The combination of engineering, design, and environmental consciousness has enabled the creation of this subtle, yet complex design that is easily adapted to the user’s needs at a given time.

79 votes

3 Responses to “Turbine Pendant Lamp Made With 100% Recyclable Materials”

  1. Dan Mendes says:

    I love this shape

  2. Jürg Grassl says:

    very nice, but since when 100% recycled materials come pakaged this neatly?!

  3. A. Dritz says:

    Simple, beautiful shape. Brilliant energy and material savings design! I love that you thought all the way through the shipping, production, scalability and multiple uses of this design.