Vintage Broken Blenders Turned into Lamps

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Vintage Broken Blenders Turned into Lamps by

Talk about the perfect blend of style and sustainable design. This lamp, designed by Minda Merinsky, is made out of a recycled blender.  The blender is re-wired so that the original on/off switch controls the light.  This design is such a great way to re-work old appliances and create less e-waste to deal with!

70 votes

6 Responses to “Vintage Broken Blenders Turned into Lamps”

  1. Diane Pham says:

    love this. would make such a great kitchen lighting accessory.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have an old blender sitting in a closet… perhaps I should upcycle it into this awesome light!

  3. Dan Mendes says:

    This is further proof that sometimes the simplest ideas are the most valuable.

  4. mollirocket says:

    You’re so awesome

  5. ssb says:

    Yeah, until a guest came in and started chucking food into it.

  6. Brenda Baldwin says:

    Wow what an original idea!!! Very clever.