We all recognize the light bulb as the universal symbol for a bright idea, but we could do without its dismal degree of energy efficiency. Buenos Aires-based sustainable design studio Minimahuella gives the simple bulb a second chance at life as a subtle (but pretty) reminder of what a difference small household choices can make. Their innovative line of sustainable goods is full of a creative gestures that are both brilliant in their simplicity and ripe with meaning.

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Dedicated to giving castaway and surplus materials a second lease at life, Minimahuella (which literally means ‘minimal footprint’) has a range of products for the home and office that take discarded material and transform it into delightful and meaningful art. From their Silla Verdulera chair composed of old crates to their floppy disk pencil holder, Angeles Estrada Vigil and Natalia Hojman take another man’s trash and make treasure. Best of all, their products are reasonably priced (Silla Verdulera – U$220, Lapicero Floppy – U$15, Maceta Potus – U$20).

Minimahuella’s most recent creation is an innovative shelving system that was recently released at a design show in Buenos Aires. Built from brightly printed MDF, it features a series of zip-tied platforms that allow homeowners to expand it by attaching additional shelves. Minimahuella also runs local workshops and is currently working with furniture manufacturers to help minimize their waste, or at the very least, find great new uses for it.

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