Construction on Bright ‘n Green, the aptly-named net-zero energy building in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach area, is nearly complete. The building is on its way to becoming one of the city’s highest-ranking green buildings, meeting LEED Platinum standards as well as the prestigious Living Building certification. If you’re curious to see what this impressive new development will look like, it will be opening its doors this weekend for tours – so don’t miss them!

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The 15,000 square foot community is a beacon of green energy with solar panels hanging off of every floor and three windmill turbines on the roof to boot. Everything about the building was engineered to be energy-efficient, right down to its geothermal-based heating structure and air conditioning systems to help keep temperatures ambient with a relative humidity of about 50 percent. There’s also a water catchment system that will capture stormwater for toilet flushing and irrigation.

On the interior, Scarano Architect PLLC strived to use non-toxic materials and products from American construction companies. These included windows from Minnesota’s Marvin Windows and Doors, countertops from Brooklyn’s Icestone, cabinetry from Pennsylvania-based Roburn, low-flow plumbing fittings created in Massachusetts by Symmons, and Oceansafe structurally insulated panels flying all the way from New Orleans.

When the building is finally open later this year, it will feature six residential units and one ground-level commercial space. If you want to take an early peek at the green building, you’re in luck, because this weekend it’s a part of the Annual Fall Green Buildings Open House tours. Aside from the Bright ‘n Green, there are also tours this Saturday, October 5 of the Lower East Side Ecology Center and MiMA Tower & Clinton Community Garden.

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