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Salburua, Spain, social design, social housing, affordable housing, cogeneration, excess energy, energy savings, green design, sustainable design, eco design, ACXT, 242 social housing units, natural gas

This is a mixed-use development that clusters all the services (such as waste and energy generation) in one central space to ensure maximum efficiency. Each apartment is positioned for maximum solar exposure and privacy, so the bedrooms overlook the linear green courtyard area while the kitchen and dining areas face the street. A continuous ventilation system extends from one side of the u-shaped roof to the other, mitigating the need for protruding chimneys.

A co-generation plant is probably the most impressive aspect of this project. Relying on both natural gas and conventional thermal energy, the system harvests heat from cooling of motor and exhaust fumes so that occasionally excess energy can be sold back to the grid. This combined with passive design and natural lighting results in significant energy savings, which makes an already affordable home that much more attractive. It’s a great project and hopefully just one of many more to come.


Via Arch Daily

Images © Aitor Ortiz