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The tower will have a pod-like structure that will function as an observation platform. Visitors will be able to board the doughnut-shaped pod and take a 20-minute long ride along the tower. The entire structure will be 138 meters in height and will use standard cable car mechanisms for moving the pod. Each ride can take up to 200 visitors and is complemented with additional content and on-board entertainment system. The ground floor of the tower will house a restaurant, retail, exhibition and conference spaces.

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The new tower will use sustainable mechanisms like natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting and the use of low-flow wash basins. Double-glazed windows will reduce the amount of energy necessary for heating, and it is rumored that the observation tower energy will come from renewable sources.

The Brighton i360 is scheduled to open in 2016 and, according to the team’s calculations, it is expected to attract more than 700,000 visitors and generate around $42 million for the city per year.

+ Marks Barfield Architects

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