U.K.-based Briiv has claimed to have created the world’s most sustainable air purifier. The design features a natural, compostable air filter made from the micro-structures of renewable materials, giving it the purifying power of 3,043 medium-sized houseplants. The air purifier requires almost no maintenance, so busy or traveling owners don’t have to worry about watering or trimming like regular houseplants.

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Everyday, tiny particles and harmful gases are released into our homes through things like cooking, lighting fireplaces, using cleaning products and playing with pets. These pollutants are linked to increased risk of respiratory conditions, poor cognitive function and sleep disruption. Briiv uses the power of plants to filter harmful pollutants out naturally without the use of plastic filters.

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The innovative, four-layered filter is made using a combination of sustainably sourced dried moss, natural coconut husk fiber, activated charcoal and wool. Astino wool is the same chosen by NASA for its spacecraft air filtration for its natural ability to remove harmful bacteria and particles while fighting off airborne viruses. The 100% natural filter removes harmful toxins, animal dander, VOCs, mold spores and fine particles from an average-sized living room in about 30 minutes. It is completely plastic-free and meant to return to the earth at the end of its life, degrading into the soil of your garden or in your compost pile within a matter of months.

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With the look of a high-tech miniature terrarium, this minimalist device is aesthetically pleasing enough to fit pretty much anywhere, from apartment shelves to office desks and everywhere in between. The filter can even be connected to smart home devices through Alexa and Google integration, so you can control it remotely. Briiv also comes with a user-friendly app to automatically track your filter usage, so you don’t have to guess about when it’s time to change it.

The project is now live on Indiegogo after a successful run on Kickstarter.

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