Anirudha Surabhi’s brilliant cardboard Kranium helmet is the latest and greatest development in sustainable noggin-protecting technology. While cardboard might not sound like the material of choice to protect your head in a bicycle accident, the shell’s structure is able to absorb 4 times more collision force than a conventional polystyrene core! The lighter and stronger helmets can also be custom-fit to a wearer’s head, replacing the uncomfortable, poorly fitting helmets of the past.

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This new design replaces the traditional polystyrene shell with a corrugated cardboard core that provides enhanced protection. In crash tests, the helmet even managed to pass British safety standards after 5 previous smashes. Polystyrene helmets break upon impact and incorporate petroleum-based materials, so the Kranium’s cardboard shell is a much more sustainable choice for bikers.

As if the Kranium helmet wasn’t cool enough, customers can get their head scanned to create a helmet custom-tailored to their individual specifications. This customized (and very snug) fit results in a more effective helmet that is able to better protect the wearer from collision injuries. Adverse weather was also taken into consideration, and the design is topped off with a “waterproof acrylic compound” that prevents the cardboard shell from getting wet. A couple of big-time manufacturers have already invested in this concept, and we can’t wait to see it hit store shelves.

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