Riding a bike at night can be an exhilarating experience – the air is cleaner, there are fewer distractions, almost no cars, and the streets are yours! However night cycling can also be dangerous without the proper safety gear, as cyclists are hard to see when the sun goes down. With this in mind, bike lover and designer Lee Myung Su created a line of accessories that increase visibility while biking and even allow cyclists to signal drivers behind them.

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Su’s first commercial product is a riding backpack called the SEIL Bag. SEIL stands for Safe, Enjoy, Interact, Light. Aside from carrying your keys, wallet and a reusable bottle of (tap!) water, the backpack displays LED signals that can be triggered with a hand-held controller.

The eco-friendly product pays homage to traditional Korean materials such as Hanji paper, which is used to protect the flexible PCB. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the LED signal display can also display emoticons and short messages, allowing the user to express personal feelings while biking through the city!

+ Lee Myung Su

Images © Lee Myung Su