Bike lights can often be fiddly little things to attach and detach from your bicycle, but Copenhagen Parts may have solved this mini conundrum – for steel bikes at least. They’ve created a set of cool magnetic lights that easily cling onto steel frames, making it easier to take them with you when you lock your bike up. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! Except it does – the cool-looking lights turn on as soon as they touch the metal, and turn off when they’re removed.

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The team behind the product labored over the design to make sure that the lights could fit a range of tube diameters and, most importantly, that they would stay in place. Obviously, safety is key – so for increased visibility the lights illuminate from the sides as well as straight-ahead. The designers are launching two versions of the compact lights – the classic machined aluminum Randonneur and the colorful silicone rubber Lode. Each of these use low-energy LED bulbs, and they are packaged in recycled materials.

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Images courtesy of Copenhagen Parts