Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of picking a piece of fruit out of a bowl only to toss it out because it’s covered in a nasty layer of mold? Student designer Jagjit Chodha hopes to put an end to wasted fruit with a new bowl that can actually alert you that your fruit is going bad before it starts to happen.

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Consumers throw away about 263 million pounds of food each month in the US, so it isn’t just an issue of disappointment when you can’t bite into that pear that was calling your name. Less food waste can actually spell a healthier environment, more money in our pockets and smaller landfills.

Jagjit Chodha’s bowl works by sensing ethylene levels in the bowl. As fruits go bad, they emit an increased amount of the chemical, so when the bowl senses that it is increasing, it alerts you with a little light to tell you that you need to eat your fruit, pronto.

Chodha designed the concept as part of the Made In Brunel Show at London’s Brunel University. The show exhibits innovative student work in the Design and Engineering school.

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Via Daily Mail

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