Designboom tipped us off to Droog‘s recently released “Darwin Chair” designed by new york-based graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. The chair consists of a cantilever base topped with a pad of 200 different sheets of printed tyvek “paper”. The chair “evolves” each time someone decides to either turn over the top sheet, showcasing the fresh sheet underneath. As the layers are turned over, the chair will begin to provide an added headrest, and once sheets are soiled they can be torn off for recycling.

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One of the most wasteful aspects of human nature is our need to express ourselves through material possessions. We can become bored of the same object and find ourselves wanting to replace it with something new even sooner than our wallets will permit. The ‘Darwin Chair’ allows one to change their surroundings without having to buy something completely new — and if there’s feelings of remorse, one can just as easily flip the paper back again.

‘Dawin Chair’s’ layers are designed with abstracted patterns based on the evolution of the planet printed on sheets of Tyvek. The paper-like fabric made by Dupont, is known for its lightweight and durable properties and is recyclable through DuPont’s Waste Management Recycling Kit.

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