Out with the incandescent and in with the energy-efficient! With incandescent bulbs getting banned and generally kicked to the curb all around the globe, it raises the issue of what to do with all of those old glass bulbs. Here’s a beautiful design solution to that problem, courtesy of one of our awesome Spring Greening 2010 finalists! Designed by Natalia Hojman and Angeles Estrada Vigil the Potus Pot Recycled Light Bulb Vase is an eye-catching, handcrafted vase made from a re-purposed incandescent bulb. Each hand-crafted Potus Pot comes complete with a simple OSB base and packaging reused from the original light bulb. A super-stylish and creative item that would would make an awesome gift and would look hot in any Inhabitat reader’s home, the Potus Pot is one of the Spring Greening Winning designs that we’re exclusively auctioning off on eBay right now! With bidding starting at $32 – and just a few days left until closing – this little piece of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted décor is the perfect way to bring a little green design into your home!