Swedish designers Apokalyps Labotek mixed chemistry with innovation to create a crystalline lamp made almost entirely from salt. The brilliant lighting fixture emulates the glimmering look of a glass chandelier, and it took virtually no energy or labor to make – the Malmo-based designers simply grew the lamp’s shade using a salt solution and a bucket. Best of all, the lamp can be composted at the end of its life cycle.

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Apokalyps Labotek grew their Crystal Lamp from a harmless type of mineral salt that is produced as a by-product of a local chemical industry. The material is crystalized around a bucket to create the shape of a modern chandelier — the lamp’s structure can be tasted for a salty kick (when unplugged of course).

The Crystal Lamp’s saline shape addresses a pressing social and environmental issue: in China silicosis is a common form of lung disease caused by poor working conditions and the lack of proper protective equipment in glass factories. In a world where the average life expectancy of a Chinese stonecutter is 35 years, this floaty experimental lamp raises the issue on the true cost of the things we own.

+ Apokalyps Labotek