Tired of saving your fruit and veggie scraps only to have to carry them to another location to compost? You’ll be happy to hear that designers Leonardo Fortino and Andrea Bartolucci have developed an ingenious solution for precisely this problem: Jarst. Featuring a seal drum and cap inside a traditional flower pot, Jarst brings composting right to your countertop and makes sure plants get the nutrients and energy they need to stay happy, healthy, and in some cases, delicious. Fresh basil, anyone?

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Fairly simple in its construction, Jarst is comprised of only three main components: a pot/composter, an inner diaphragm, and a cap. Just drop your organic waste into the composter, put the cap on, and let nature take its course. Jarst is built to allow ample time for your compost to reach its peak potential, but it’ll generally take between five and six months to completely break down, a short time to wait for a sustainable way to cut waste and keep plants happy. Then, at exactly the right moment, the diaphragm will release all those delicious nutrients into the soil. Your plants will thank you and no more trips to the composting bin!

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