October brings falling leaves, pumpkin spice and that devilish holiday that inspires all of us to turn our cozy abode into a haunted house. In addition to creepy treats, ghostly images and spooky decor, living plants are the perfect Halloween accent to celebrate both the holiday and the planet. Our friends at Plants.com conjured up some witchy good examples of indoor plants that will live long after the season has passed, all with no plastic, no waste, and a literal breath of fresh air. 

a green potted plant with a leafy vine that spills out of the pot.

Devil’s Ivy

Any good Halloween event includes a touch of evil, making Devil’s Ivy the perfect match for the holiday. This plant earned its King of Hell status for its ability to live through any type of treatment, including lack of light and inconsistent watering. Even in less than ideal growing conditions, Devil’s Ivy stays green year-round, with the leaves forming a zigzag spine that will be the talk of the party.

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a potted plant with dark green leaves and white veins.

Polly (Alocasia)

While other plants lurk in the shadows, Polly enjoys copious amounts of light and thrives on high humidity, such as that provided in the bathroom, kitchen or sunroom. During the Halloween season, use Polly as table decor, where the striking white veins running through the shield-shaped leaves create an eerie addition to the decor.

a potted succulent with dark green leaves.

Black Echeveria

The color black is ubiquitous during Halloween, making Black Echeveria a welcome addition to your spooky interior design. With nearly black leaves, the plant couples well with pumpkins or gourds for a festive touch. Or place it near a witch’s cauldron and broomstick on the food table as an accent for the scene. When the holiday passes, keep your Black Echeveria happy in a brightly lit area and enjoy its low-water needs.

a potted begonia plant with green, white and purple leaves.

Painted Leaf Begonia

The Painted-Leaf Begonia offers fabulous fall shades of green, red, silver and purple and makes the ideal accent to your orange and black decorations. Plus, the eye-catching texture sparks conversation long after All-Hallows Eve.

a potted plant with bright orange flowers.

Orange Fall Mum

Bringing out nature’s floral display is easy with the intrinsically Halloween-colored Orange Fall Mum. The best part? These long-lasting blooms may stick around for the next holiday, to which the color theme still applies. Mums are forgiving enough to act as fireplace mantle or front porch decor and ask little in return for their colorful display.

These options are just a sample of live decor that can brighten up your holiday. They add a naturally spooky vibe that makes an equally great hostess or guest gift for events now or in the future. For more information, visit www.plants.com.

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Images via Plants.com and Pexels