Anesco CEO Adrian pike

England just got a burst of sunshine with the unveiling of the UK’s largest solar farm! With enough energy to power 1,000 homes, the project is composed of 1,800 solar PV panels that stretch across 30 acres of farmland.  Located on the Cadland Estate in Southampton, the 5 megawatt array lies low to the ground and is completely surrounded by trees, which gives it a minimal visual footprint. The installation was just switched on for the first time and it’s ready to shine some light on Britain’s renewable energy future.

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The launch was hosted by Aldred Drummond, owner of the Estate and commissioner of the project.  Speaking to the UK’s Daily Mail, he said,

‘I think the project is universally regarded as a very positive scheme.  I do believe this is a ground-breaking project and I’m glad that we, as a farm, are embracing the use of solar power and alternative energy uses.  I’m excited by the installation of the solar farm and also for the future of renewable energy.’

The land is also used for farming traditional crops, such as maize, wheat, potatoes, and livestock – and now it boasts 5.6 miles of shining, black panels. Aiding in the kickoff was Adrian Pike, CEO of energy firm Anesco, the fifth company Drummond approached to complete the array.  Anesco will be leasing the land for over the next 25 years and sending energy back into the national grid under the government’s Feed and Tariff Scheme.

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