Are you good at video games? Then you might be able work the Dragon Runner, a 14 lb bomb-disposal robot unveiled today by the British Ministry of Defence. The robot, which measures 9″x8″x3, can be worn as a backpack and is capable of climbing stairs, opening doors, lifting up items, and it can even dig around explosives — all via a game console-like controller.

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The six-wheeled Dragon Runner boasts some impressive features, including the ability to move at high speeds, pick up 10 lb objects, and send video footage back to soldiers using four on-board cameras. Britain’s ultra high-tech device will eventually replace the Wheelbarrow bomb disposal device, which has been in use since in the 1970s.

So far, 100 of the Dragon Runner robot have been built by QinetQ UK. They are already scheduled to be sent to a number of regiments–including, unsurprisingly, the RAF Bomb Disposal Squadron.


Via UK Daily Mail