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Made from carefully arranged materials, Noble & Webster’s “He/She” art piece reflects the artists’ silhouettes in a private act. “Dirty white trash (with gulls)” is another self-portrait made from 6 months worth of their trash, 2 taxidermy seagulls and a light projector. For their “Miss Understood & Mr. Meanor” installation they show once again that they don’t take themselves too seriously, projecting their chopped heads on the wall via multicolored masses of urban plastic trash.

Welded scrap metal and a light projector is all these mad British artists need to create two rats copulating in their “Metal Fucking Rats”. While “Sunset over Manhattan” reminds us of this recent post, and is made from empty cigarette packets, tin cans shot by air gun pellets and a wooden bench. But it is their “British Wildlife” which really draws our attention. Their beautiful piece is shocking yet sad, and is comprised of 88 taxidermy animals they found already dead in Britain.

Disgusting, beautiful, bad taste, sustainable, extremely sad, or funny — what do you think about Noble & Webster’s controversial art?

+ Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Photo © Tim Noble & Sue Webster