While the ban of inefficient incandescent light bulbs has caused a lot of heated debates between political parties, it has also spurred smart, creative products from many designers. Just this week, Inhabitat favorite Tom Dixon unveiled “Bulb,” an over-sized, energy efficient light bulb that he created as a reaction to the incandescent phase-out and the weird aesthetic of CFLs.

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The British designer wanted to combine energy efficiency with the round design that people love about the incandescent. The quick start 25-watt T5 bulb is Dixon‘s own creation, and the standard E27 thread allows it to be used a wide range of light fittings.  The bulb is great by itself, but it can also be used as part of three new chandeliers Dixon designed. The wide conical shape is similar to other lights Dixon has created, as is the light-enhancing reflective backing.

+ Tom Dixon

Via Designboom