Prison tattoos are notorious forms of self-expression, and these days inmates seem to be getting pretty crafty with their skin art. A DIY tattoo gun was recently confiscated from a prisoner in the UK — and it wasn’t just a pin with some ink on it. The gun was made from a disassembled Sony Playstation console. A pretty crafty case of re-use if you ask us.

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The creator of the DIY tattoo gun had stripped down the Playstation console and attached it to a ballpoint pen. The pen was connected to the Playstation motor and when turned on moved up and down just like a regular tattoo gun. The inmate had sharpened the point of the pen, and when applied to the skin it worked just like a regular tattoo gun.

The contraption was confiscated (along with a tattoo magazine) in a routine check of inmate’s cells at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre near Gatwick, West Sussex in the UK. The center holds 426 men and they are allowed Playstation 1 and 2 consoles — but not 3 because it can connect to the web. Rumor has it that the owner of the machine charged other inmates for tattoos, but officials say that’s not the case. A source at the prison noted that the prisoner was not disciplined further. Perhaps the guards were too awed by his craftiness to reprimand him.

Via The Sun