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In Davis’ world, a stalk of broccoli becomes a billowy tree, its florets thick leaves, and the stalk home to a wooden tree house. Wooden popsicle stick planks climb the broccoli trunk and lead to the club house that is nestled in the floret boughs.

Davis makes a banana into a hipster by giving it a trucker hat made from its own peel. Emblazoned with its Chiquita sticker, the naked banana wears a jaunty billed cap, giving it a little urban appeal. With a few slices, a cucumber is also transformed into a killer whale. With a few sweeps of the vegetable peeler, the oversized sea beast seems to emerge right out of the table.

Throwing scale for a loop, Davis also created a miniscule reconstruction of Stone Henge made from individual Rice Krispies. He has also reimagined Gummy Bear candy, flattening one out into a sleek bear skin rug, which is fit for a tiny fireplace.

Davis also uses food to pay tribute to his favorite albums. Using sliced bags from all eight flavors of Doritos, his homage to Pink Ffloyd is called “Dark Side of the Dorito,” while lunarscape of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures is redone in peaks of spaghetti noodles!

Davis’ playful photography takes inspiration from the foods we eat every day — we can’t wait to see what he cooks up next!

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