Do stressful workdays make you want to climb the walls? Well, thanks to Brooklyn Boulders, you can now literally climb the walls to help relieve stress and stimulate your productivity. The climbing company’s venue in Somerville, Massachusetts is equipped with a 22-foot-high by 122-foot-long climbing wall topped with a spacious collaborative work area in the upper mezzanine. This unique climbing wall/office combo, set in a 40,000 square foot facility, is based on the philosophy that “physicality stimulates innovation and creativity.”

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According to Brooklyn Boulders, an active communal environment provides employees with a physical and mental sport that requires the same focus, problem solving abilities and determination required by most employers. The collaborative work and climbing space is specifically designed to stimulate the creative and sociable mind by keeping the body physically occupied and in motion. The working area is filled with traditional and standing desks, as well as built-in pull up bars for that quick pick-me-up, and a sizeable climbing wall or on-site yoga class for more rigorous workouts.

Along with tech giants like Google and Yahoo, many companies are beginning to realize the benefits of providing healthy work environments for dedicated workers. While some of the more modern offices currently provide exercise areas and healthy meal options for employees in the few moments they’re not working, Brooklyn Builders’ new space lets people motivate both their minds and their bodies almost simultaneously. In addition to artists and freelancers, companies such as such as Puma, Red Bull, Uber and Zipcar are just a few who have taken advantage of the innovative space that the Brooklyn Boulders space offers.

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