Are you in the New York City area and looking to liven up your weekly routine with an evening out of the ordinary? Well, button up your favorite flannel shirt, pull on your skinny jeans, and head out to Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg for local brews, food by Blue Ribbon, live bands and games of tenpin at the only bowling alley in the world!

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Brooklyn Bowl uses 100%wind power and that’s not all. From recycled bowling-alley tables to energy-saving LED stage lights, style, function, and eco-friendliness are all rolled into one at the spacious alley. Floors throughout the building are made of reclaimed cork, custody controlled wood, and 100% recycled truck tires, and the venue reduces waste by eliminating the use of bottles or cans. Even the bowling pins get in on the eco-action – rather than being swept into the black abyss at the end of your lane to be re-set after every turn, the energy-saving pins employed at Brooklyn Bowl are attached to recoiling cords that snap the pins back into place once your turn is complete.

In addition to being LEED certified, Brooklyn Bowl has been giving back to the community from its inception. The lane serves only Brooklyn-brewed beers, promotes eco-friendly NYCtransport by providing huge-capacity bike racks, and even greened up the neighborhood by planting 16 trees in and around the property. So check out their event lineup, call your friends, and hop on the L-train for an evening packed with tunes, great food, and the next generation of bowling!

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