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“We want design lovers to rethink everyday conventional materials, while inserting a littler humor in our designs,” Thislexik told us at ICFF, which is evident in their expert usage of recycled fabrics and clothing.

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Indoor gardening is given a humorous jab with The Cactus Chair, which allows the sitter to float comfortably above a large barrel cactus. Made from completely clear acrylic, the chair can also be planted with other greenery should cacti not be your thing. On a more lush note, the Moss Coffee Table, also made from clear acrylic, gives a larger garden plane that not only brings more green to your living room, but also acts as a natural air filter that you can also serve cocktails on top of.

The most recent addition to Thislexik’s stable is the Worn collection, which transforms recycled clothing found at second hand stores into durable, sustainable furniture. Represented at ICFF was the Worn vase, a repurposed sleeve of a man’s dress shirt, soaked in resin to create a stiff and sturdy three dimensional piece. The collection also includes the D chair, made from a used dress, a stool made from two pairs of jeans, and a jeans coffee table. Each piece is solid and lightweight, and is supported without an inner armature.

Their iconic Arc Light, part lamp-part installation, welcomes in visitors to the booth. The piece, made from sustainable walnut and fluorescent tubes, is powered wirelessly by a hidden generator, rather than plugging into the grid.

Thislexik’s vast collection can be experienced at ICFF this weekend, or at their studio in Red Hook.

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