UPS has just purchased 100 electric delivery vehicles from EV provider Electric Vehicles International in Stockton, California, for the company’s California fleet. The decision makes UPS’s California fleet of delivery trucks its largest EV fleet and it will replace 126,000 gallons of diesel fuel used every year by UPS trucks with green electric power. The trucks will have a 90-mile range and presumably will use DC quick chargers to juice up on the go.

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“This purchase is a milestone for UPS’s alternative fleet expansion,” said Mike Britt, UPS director of vehicle engineering. “UPS’s research and development of alternative technologies has determined it is time to explore electric drive systems within the short-range segment of our delivery fleet. This purchase is an important first step in supporting investment and advancement in electric vehicle technology.”

UPS currently owns one of the largest fleets of private alternative fuel vehicles in the world. UPS has 2,200 green vehicles in use globally, though only 28 of those are currently EVs in use as delivery vehicles in New York and Europe.


Via DailyTech