If you want to raise awareness for breast cancer, there may be no better way to shine a little light on the subject than to build a 12-foot-tall glowing nipple at the top of a 228 meter hill. Staying true to his commitment to use recycled materials, Bruce Munro will construct his latest installation out of 2,730 plastic bottles and fiber optic cables. The breast will built on the dome of Long Knoll in Kilmington, in southern England and it’s due to be lit on November 24. Glowing against the night sky, it will be visible from miles around.

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In collaboration with UK charity Cancerkin, English artist Bruce Munro intends transform the the features of the landscape surrounding his studio into a giant, illuminated breast. Called “The Beacon on the Hill”, the piece should take a team of five about a week to place thousands of plastic bottles and pink and blue fiber optics on the hill. “This hill and surrounding countryside has long been my canvas,” Munro said. “And I lost a dear friend very young to breast cancer and meeting Victoria Todd from Cancerkin was the link needed for me to create my own incarnation of a beacon of light in support of all who are, or have been, affected by this disease. By illuminating the night sky for a brief moment, I hope to send the message you are not alone.”

Messages featured in each of the bottles is available for sponsorship through Cancerkin. “This is a special event which we hope will draw attention to the issue of breast cancer in a remarkable way; by sponsoring a bottle, anyone can show their support no matter what their connection to the issue.” the charity’s chief executive, Todd told the BBC. Shining against the night sky, the Beacon on the Hill, like the illness itself, will certainly be hard to ignore.

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