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For the installation in the Salisbury Cathedral, which was completed in 2010,  1984 strands of fiber optic cable with a teardrop diffuser at the end were used. Each diffuser mimics the appearance of rain or teardrops. The installation was first lit to mark the start of Advent at the Salisbury Cathedral. Munro has created additional installations at different sites, including the Help for Heroes Headquarters in the UK.

Munro began working with light 30 years ago. “I was interested in ‘light’ as a medium at Art School,” he says, “but it was in my mid twenties (whilst living in Australia) that I started to work and experiment with light in a formal sense.” Since then, Munro has been nominated for awards like the WAN award in Lighting for 2012. For those that can’t visit the installations, the images, taken by photographer Mark Pickthall, are available for purchase.

+ Light Shower by Bruce Munro

+ Bruce Munro

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