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Inspired by the New England countryside, Gill scours local lumber mills, landfills, and roadsides for wood materials. He takes his findings back to his rustic studio and rolls ink all over the surface of the tree, then puts down a piece of delicate handmade washi paper. Next he gives new meaning to the phrase “personal touch” by laboriously translating the wood grain onto the paper by pressing with his fingertips and scratching each tree ring with his fingernail to make sure the impression is complete and even. The finished product is intensely detailed, provoking the viewer to get close to the print and examine it deeply, just as the artist had done. This shared experience is a theme of many Gill’s pieces.

Gill also incorporates found wooden material into exquisite sculptures that have been featured in a number of publications and shown all over the world, including the American Pavilion at the Japanese Worlds Fair in 2005.

These incredible tree prints are available in limited editions on Also be sure to keep an eye out for a Princeton Architectural Press book of the prints is set to release in March.

+ Ashes and Milk

+ Bryan Nash Gill