BSG Bikes, WOOD.b, wood bicycle, wood bike frame, Thierry Boltz, Claude Saos

BSG Bikes pairs beech plywood frames with steel parts to give their WOOD.b bikes a classic, architectural quality. The bikes are designed to use standard bike parts like steel Columbus forks and bases. That means that despite the unique frame, WOOD.b owners can take their bikes to any bike shop to have them serviced. This also enables owners to customize the mechanical elements to their own liking.

So far, BSG has developed four different WOOD.b bike frames — Duomatic, Inter 7, Alfine 11, and Dualdrive — and the company has filed an international patent for the WOOD.b design. Owners are invited to personalize their bikes by choosing the tint of wood and the color of the stainless steel elements.

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Via Yanko Design