When Japanese architect Endo Shuhei adds another delectable design to his repertoire, you can expect a project title just as incredible as the structure itself. He names each of his projects by letter and then style, with appellations ranging from “rooftecture”, to “slowtecture”, to “refurbitecture” and beyond. His ‘Bubbletecture H’ building in Hyogo is the 8th (Hth) project is bursting with bubbly bulges and arches. Designed with curves of the land in mind, this open-air environmental education center aims at minimizing its environmental impact while blending in naturally.

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Endo Shuhei’s Bubbletecture H is constructed almost entirely from locally-sourced Japanese cypress trees – an exceptionally durable and lightweight wood. The bubble’s exterior is shielded with a 1.2mm layer of steel that acquires a thin layer of rust-red coloring as it ages, and up top it features a partial green roof made with local moss. Like Shuhei’s other projects, Bubbletecture H was designed to minimize its environmental impact, reducing the amount of native vegetation loss in construction and sustaining and supporting the life in its vicinity.

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