Richard Buckminster Fuller is considered by some to be the grandfather of the American green movement – an avid inventor and professor, “Bucky” is credited as the first designer to introduce the geodesic dome to the American landscape. Fuller’s own dome-shaped house in Illinois is an educational tool that students have enjoyed for years, however it has experienced its fair share of wear and tear after decades of use and it’s in need of a renovation. Thankfully, the Fuller building has just won the Save America’s Treasure Federal Matching Grant of $125,000, which will go towards its restoration. The grant will match each and every dollar donated to the Fuller Dome Home up to $125,000 – and each $100 donation underwrites a specific triangle of the dome’s structure, giving contributors a chance to support a piece of green design history. Donate today!

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According to government rules, the restoration of Fuller’s home must be finished by the end of the year. Once the building is finished (with the help of generous donations), new education and outreach programs will be implemented, in addition to a “living” museum of the famous professor’s home – including his extensive library. Next year, the nonprofit plans to introduce an artist and scholar in residence program as well, keeping Fuller’s dreams of education and innovation alive throughout the community. Donations are now being accepted on the dome’s website, so donate today and pick out your triangular piece of history!

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