Buckminster Fuller’s patented prototype for low-cost portable dome housing, designed in 1965, has just been reproduced and installed in the Miami Design District for this year’s Design Miami. A 3d parametric model of the Fly’s Eye Dome was placed atop a pool of water in front of Sou Fujimoto’s Palm Court shopping center in Miami and features contemporary technology that makes it water resistant and passively ventilated.

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The Fly’s Eye Dome was first built by hand by Buckminster Fuller himself before he died in 1983. The architect conceived it as a self-sufficient, low-cost portable housingsolution. He built three prototypes by hand in different sizes, with large domed windows.

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One of the reproduced domes is seven meters in diameter and was acquired by Miami Design District creator Craig Robins in 2011. Soon after that, the Buckminster Fuller Institute had a team of 3d-design experts build the structures using modern-day materials and technology. DRDesign, Conform Labs and Goetz Composites created a 3d parametric modeland incorporated new solutions such as a new joining system that makes the structure watertight and enables passive ventilation. The other 15-meter wide dome, the largest of the three, is currently touring festivals and design manifestations, while Norman Foster owns the smallest one.

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