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Vejlskovgaard Stable, Odder, Denmark, dairy cows, club med for dairy cows, milk, farm, design, sustainable design, ventilation, eco design, daylighting, natural light

In Denmark, the law states that milk can only be labeled organic if the cows that produced it have spent at least 150 days at pasture. We’re not certain whether these cows are able to roam free on that pretty green hill behind the stable, but we can affirm that great effort has been made to ensure that conditions inside are comfortable and conducive to high milk production.

Specifically designed to have plenty of outsight, the cross-shaped stable is full of light and exceptionally well ventilated to circulate the cows’ methane fumes. Connected to the nearby farm and carefully placed to harmonize with the landscape, this stable also has a welcoming front for the local community, staff and visitors. Anyone who has seen a similar facility in the United States will know what we mean when we say that Vejlskovgaard stable is like Club Med for dairy cows.

+ LUMO Architects

Via Arch Daily