The Jacobson Residence is a brand new construction in Los Angeles with a high eco factor – enough so that it is Build It Green and ENERGY STAR certified! If you’re not familiar with Build It Green, it’s another green building certification, not quite as popular or well-known as USGBC’s LEED program, but still an effective tool to help build more sustainable homes. LA-based Wick Architecture was responsible for the design of this home, which includes rainwater collection, eco-materials, and energy and water efficient design (and we have to say it’s easy on the eyes too!).

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Located on a tight urban site, the 4,000 sq ft eco residence was designed with sustainability in mind. Each room in the house has access to the outside and draws in plenty of natural light through the large windows. Being in LA, the home can make good use of the moderate climate, and natural ventilation is a key player in keeping energy costs low. The second floor in the back is cantilevered out over the lower patio, and cedar wood siding is used as a shading device.

Rainwater is collected from the multi-pitched roof and into central storage tanks for use in the wet garden in the backyard. The rest of the yard is xeriscaped and requires no additional water save what it gets from nature. Other than that the home includes an ICF basement, FSC wood framing, radiant barrier roof paneling, low VOC caulk and sealants, weatherizing, fly ash concrete, and a cool roof.

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