LEGO fans will be excited to hear that Google Chrome just launched a LEGO game that lets you build with the iconic bricks anywhere in the world. The Build With Chrome app lets you create fantasy life-size buildings right from your computer or handheld device. The app is also integrated with Google Maps, so you can build crazy structures in even the most unforgiving terrain.

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Build With Chrome lets LEGO freaks get their fix virtually anywhere. Users can dive right in, or learn the software in the Build Academy, which offers games, challenges and tips for building. Each virtual “kit” is well organized, with color coded pieces in varying sizes lined up waiting for use. Like the real thing, each piece makes that satisfying clicking noise when attached to another.

Linked to Google Maps, the program lets you build a LEGO dream house on any plot around the world, fusing the fantasy with reality. Users can also save and share their designs with other fans around the world, or build side by side.

Build With Chrome is available on your computer, or on your hand held Android phone or tablet, sucking up your time even away from the computer. The release of the App coincides with “The Lego Movie,” which opens in late February.

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