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Brian Peters has been researching the role of 3D printing in architecture and his most recent project explored how 3D printers could be used to make building materials. This fall he spent 6 weeks at the European Ceramic Work Centre where he learned about ceramics and applied that knowledge to 3D printing. He experimented printing with a liquid earthenware recipe, normally used in mould-making, to create a series of ceramic bricks. These bricks take about 15-20 minutes to print and once hardened can be stacked to create walls, domes or columns.

Now that his residency is over, Peters plans to continue his research to further develop Building Bytes. He envisions portable 3D printers brought to the construction site where they create building materials on the fly. 3D printing allows the architect and contractor to make hundreds of the same brick for a large wall or custom bricks for a special feature. Peters exhibited his work at the Dutch Design Week from October 20-28 and showed how the bricks are printed. Peters is also working with DUS Architects to create a large 3D printer for making full-scale structures.

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