Here at Inhabitat, we frequently focus on the latest green designs or sustainable products, but on occasion we come across wonderful publications that absolutely deserve to be brought to our readers’ attention. Building Green by Clarke Snell & Tim Callahan provides green-minded home builders with 615 full color pages of meticulous writing, sequential how-to photos, and basic building logic. This book chronicles the process of building a small picturesque getaway cabin constructed of cob, cordwood, strawbale, and alternative wood framing for the individual walls – and then they cap it with a green roof!!

This book is for anyone considering truly green residential construction. What makes the book so successful is that the two authors come at the project from two different perspectives; one from the alternative (can we say hippie?) point of view, and the other from a more rational, slightly skeptical, seasoned contractor. And for less that $20 this tome of green how-to is a sweet deal!